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June 13, 2024

CEM 900’s title sponsor, Merchants Bank of Apple Valley, hosted a welcome home reception today for riders and supporters of our annual Merchants Bank Christian Elder Memorial…

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Dennis Hill is Back in the Saddle

June 3, 2024

After 17 consecutive years of riding the CEM 900, Dennis Hill was going to have to miss this year’s event.  But the lure of…

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The 300 Mile Man

June 2, 2024

The CEM 900 team woke Saturday morning to a steady drenching rain, and with one teammate missing.  Jim had put on his rain gear…

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Three ‘centuries’ rides and a spill

June 1, 2024

Yesterday John Elder, Jack Hohag, and Jim Arbuckle started pedaling their leg of this year’s CEM 900. To be accurate, Jim started a day…

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The 2024 ride is underway

May 31, 2024

The 2024 ride is underway! The first leg riders completed their miles on Thursday, packed up and headed for home. Justin Elder, Kyle Swartout, and…

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Celebrating a Successful Ride

June 16, 2023

CEM 900’s title sponsor, Merchants Bank of Apple Valley, hosted a welcome home reception for the CEM 900 team today, to celebrate this year’s…

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Journey’s End

June 7, 2023

Wednesday marked the final day riding for this year’s CEM 900. As of this writing, donations to the charity ride are at $33,000. The team…

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Houston, We Have a Problem (Again)

June 6, 2023

Jay had a breakfast of scrambled eggs and fried sliced potatoes going early, giving the riders a chance to start early and finish by…

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Where’s Jim, Where’s Johnny?

June 5, 2023

The Leg 3 CEM 900 team arrived at the Old Barn resort late Sunday afternoon in preparation of pedaling the final three days of…

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An Amazing Acrobatic Feat

June 4, 2023

But not by the riders… We decided to get an early start today, both to beat the heat and to finish a little earlier…

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Smackdown in Fountain Town

June 3, 2023

Morning broke early, at least for the riders. The support drivers, on the other hand, were a bit slow to rise. They quickly made up…

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Houston, We Have a Problem

June 2, 2023

Ok, so not really a problem, just a nuisance. But more on that later… Kathy and Dennis made the drive to the Old Barn Campground…

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