Three ‘centuries’ rides and a spill

Yesterday John Elder, Jack Hohag, and Jim Arbuckle started pedaling their leg of this year’s CEM 900. To be accurate, Jim started a day early—and pedaled 100 miles! Then he did it again yesterday and intends to do it again today—three ‘centuries’ rides; an accomplishment that riders generally hope to accomplish just once!

After a hearty Jay Saterbak breakfast, the team began a steady uphill run to Fountain City—a bit of effort on the way up, but an easy downhill run back. Support driver Jay Saterbak pulled double duty joining in for the Fountain City run.

The trails were well kept and the view is always pleasant with trees, flowers, and wildlife in view as the trail runs along side of the Root River. A few of the critters can be a bit pesky. Ever present squirrels, chipmunks, and rabbits dart across the trail, then often dart back making the riders swerve with near misses. Jim hit a woodchuck yesterday with his bike—luckily making a glancing blow.

Near the end of the morning ride, the riders were caught out riding in pouring rain. They cruised to camp wet, and ready for Jay’s lunch. A rain delay was put to good purpose as each rider changed into dry gear, then settled in for a nap until the skies cleared.

It was a three hour delay, but at 3:00 the riders were once again pedaling. Interestingly, Jack was caught out in the morning rain wearing dry weather riding clothes, but taking off for the afternoon ride in warm dry conditions, he went with full rain attire. Odd as it seemed, it benefited him in some way when he took a spill. While motorcycle riders wear leather for protection, Jack prefers rain gear!

The riders finished riding for the day ready to clean up and enjoy Jay’s BBQ chicken dinner followed by root beer floats.