Journey’s End

Wednesday marked the final day riding for this year’s CEM 900. As of this writing, donations to the charity ride are at $33,000. The team wants to thank the CEM 900 title sponsor, Merchants Bank, for its 18th year of support. Additional thanks go to Single Ply Systems and Elder-Jones as associate sponsors, and to all of of the others who have generously supported the ride, and its charity, Kids ‘n Kinship.

Jay prepared a final day breakfast of ham, egg, and cheese biscuits along with cut fruit and yogurt. The riders appreciate the effort Jay puts into every meal he serves. Unquestionably Leg 1 and 2 riders feel the same about Matt Stepanek and Ann and Doug Gurholt.  

Wednesday’s route included three out and back rides, with the first being a trek up to Fountain City, followed by a long exhilarating run back down. The second run was an out and back towards Harmony, and the final run involved Jay driving the riders up to Harmony, so they, like the Leg 1 riders, could enjoy a mostly down hill run to the finish.

Significant effort goes into stocking the mother ship and trailer in preparation for the ride. Likewise, the same is true for packing up for departure. But the team made short work of it and before long they were down the road, which included an important stop at the Chatfield Dairy Queen for three Blizzards and a vanilla cone.