Where’s Jim, Where’s Johnny?

The Leg 3 CEM 900 team arrived at the Old Barn resort late Sunday afternoon in preparation of pedaling the final three days of this year’s ride. 62 miles each day for riders John Elder, Jim Arbuckle, and Jack Hohag (the 70 plus team), to be joined by John Phillipich upon his return from the east coast. With Jay Saterbak serving as the team support driver, all know that there will be plenty of good meals.

After a dinner with hamburgers, home cooked bean dish, and watermelon, plans were made for the first day’s ride. It was decided it would involve a 20 mile trek towards, not to, Harmony and back, followed by the same distance to Whalen and back, with the final 20 miles near Peterson.

Jay fueled up the bikers with scrambled eggs and bacon after which they set out for Harmony. Several miles down the trail it was determined that they were actually pedaling towards Whalen. It was a minor glitch as they could simply reverse the order of trails to ride. Gotta be flexible. John and Jack competed the first twenty miles and were downing watermelon when it dawned on them, where’s Jim? Eventually he arrived, three miles after realizing he missed the turn into camp. Seems to be a directionally challenged team.

It turned out to be a nice day to ride—cool in the morning, then warm, but not hot, in the afternoon. Much of the trail runs beside the Root River, with plenty of shade and an assortment of quaint towns to pass through. Like the teams before us, we were tempted by an ice cream shop in Lanesboro, and the world’s best pie in Whalen, but we resisted knowing Jay was baking a cherry pie.

Johnny was a first day ‘no show’ rider due to his flight being delayed, then cancelled, from New England. No problem, jump in tomorrow. Then today his flight involved a plane change in Charlotte which he missed. He might find his bike a more efficient means of getting home. All hope he can join in for a day or two.

Later in the day, Jack hit a significant rut in the pavement, which pitched him off trail but not down. However the impact aggravated a recently operated on wrist. Always one to be stubborn, he initially resisted the suggestion that he pack it in for the day—which he eventually did. Jay wrapped the injured area with ice, and all are hoping he is good to go tomorrow. John and Jim completed 62 miles around 4:00 pm. With the exception of one injured rider, one flight cancellation no show, and a couple of wrong turns, it was a good day on the trails.

Jay served up grilled chicken and, at this writing, is getting ready to serve fresh cherry pie.  Perfect.